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Curl Keys 1

Welcome to Curl Keys 1 and our new way of blended learning.

Want to open new doors to your career ? Try Curl Keys! Learn with Derick Monroe, our famous global Curl Expert at L’Oréal Professionnel and become The Expert you were born to be.

Curl Keys is an immersion into this gorgeous world of versatile hair. Get into a world of curly and coily hair in 5 episodes to master the essentials knowledge on curls and coils, drive a perfect diagnosis from consultation to prescription, and how to treat & style this hair. At the end of Curl Keys, you will be able to approach the curl hair client with more confidence thanks to the right vocabulary, the perfect diagnosis, adapted treatments and 3 styling methods. Ready, steady, enroll now!

Certification : Yes.

Level : For all – from student to Manager.

Content types : Tutorial video, motion video, webinar & offline session.

Number of episodes : 5

Total time : approx. 40 min online self-learning


At the end of the online episodes, you'll have to opportunity to get hands on practice…to strengthen your Savoir-Faire!

More about the artist. 

Derick Monroe is a global Curl Expert at L’Oréal Professionnel Paris. He is session and celebrity hairstylist based in New York city, a strong advocate for the afro-american community that pushes for natural hair in the industry.

Once these are completed, we encourage you to join us for the 1 hour Webinar on October 31, 2002. During this time you will be able to speak with a facilitator and answer any questions or clarity you might need answered.

At the end of Curl Keys, you will be able to meet the expectations of your clients with curly or frizzy hair.

here are the steps to follow : 

STEP 1: You must complete 6 Modules ACCESS-based learning 

STEP 2: Attend a webinar on OCT. 31/ 9am-12pm PST

STEP 3: Hand'on Workshop

Do not forget the requirements for the Step 3 – Live Application & assessment day.

-Online quiz has been approved.

-Previously watched Curl Keys online episodes on Access.

-Register and Enroll through Access for Application & Assessment day in person on 

-Pass with 80% of total score except if eliminatory error. 

Congratulations you are only one step away…

This will take place at a salon, during this day we will provide you with one head to use, and you will have to bring one live model with you.

Once all steps are completed and passed with 80% we will mark your Exam and celebrate with you your International Curl Keys Certification



$195 - or 25 500 Excellence points.

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